What is Mac Malware?

slow_macThe term Malware is short for “malicious software”. It is used to refer to any software that has the potential of harming or damaging a computer or its user. Until recently, many Mac users were unaware that such a term even existed. This is because Mac has always been publicized to have immunity to cyber attacks, malware spyware and adware. However, many Mac users have finally learned the hard way that it does not help to take for granted what is said to them by companies.

Some Mac users have posted comments on forums stating how they found out that there was a “Trojan” on their PC that was gathering sensitive personal information about the user. Malwares are known to operate in the background making vital changes in the system’s security settings and deleting critical files without the knowledge and consent of the user. Most commonly, the changes made by malware are irrevocable and cannot be reversed; especially when the changes are related to system settings or deleted files.

Is there any protection against Malware Mac?

Thankfully, many software development companies were quick to realize that Mac does in fact need the help of an anti-malware program for comprehensive protection. If you are seeking a good anti-malware program that offers comprehensive protection against malicious cyber-attacks, then this checklist can certainly help you to make the best pick:

Keeping private data safe – The primary function of anti-malware programs is to protect data from unauthorised access. Private data or sensitive information such as personal photos, documents, videos, and other files can be prevented from being damaged or lost with the use of a dedicated anti-malware program that offers unrestricted functions to the Mac user. The best ant-malware programs provide additional advanced functionalities and tools that allow users to encrypt data. This gives the Mac user total control over access and sharing of all data.

PROTECT your digital identity – Anti-malware programs also protect the identity of the Mac user from online cyber-criminals. Some of the latest programs have advanced tools such as anti-phishing that offer a more secured environment for password management.

FIGHT digital pollution – The best anti-malware programs fight malware, spam and spyware. They are designed to work silently in the background; they do not cause any interruptions to the Mac user giving him peace of mind. They include essential security tools that silently and effectively remove malware and erase any data trail. This offers added protection against repeat hackers who are hell-bent on accessing and possibly compromising your Mac.

ENSURE your family’s online safety – Anti-malware programs let you decide who can access and control your computer. They can also give you unrestricted control over the online websites that you and your family want access to. They also maintain a log of the changes made to critical system settings meaning that you stay informed and your family stays safe.

PROTECT everything at once – The latest anti-malware software offer a simple and user-friendly interface displaying an array of all the tools available for the Mac user to use.